BMW is offering a pretty interesting alternative for those that cannot afford to buy an M3 or M5: the M Performance accessory line. This line of accessories can be applied to any Bimmer model you like and will add that sporty feeling your car may lack.

BMW is now presenting its M Performance steering wheel, which in wrapped in Alcantara, and is highlighted by carbon trim and a race display. The wheel was tested by German motorsports expert and race driver, Tim Schrick, and you can see the resulting video above. This is definitely no standard racing wheel that we’ve ever seen. It offers drivers a secure grip in extreme driving situations and tons of useful data — that’s right, a steering wheel that provides data.

The wheel is equipped with a functions display that can show you the average fuel consumption over short and long distances, and your average speed. In "Sport" mode, it shows a stopwatch, G meter — longitudinal and lateral acceleration — water and oil temperature, and it even tells you when to shift, via an LED light system. In "Race" mode, it displays lap timer, a 0-to-400-meter timer, a 1/4-mile race timer and the same LED light shift indicators that it displays in "Sport" mode

This shows exactly how innovative BMW’s engineering department really is. Who, other than Bimmer, would have ever thought of something like that?


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  (305) posted on 11.11.2012

i would not get the whole car just for that, but if i would decide to get a bmw M, i would have the steering wheel too. as long as it does not cost as much as a small hatchback.

  (302) posted on 11.11.2012

a great car always has an ace up its sleeve. so do the M’s from bmw.

  (305) posted on 11.11.2012

what i meant was that it is not just an extra to have for fun, it is actually well thought and functional.

  (312) posted on 11.11.2012

gary, you might have exaggerated a little, but your are not wrong! it is well designed and built, but not essential!

  (305) posted on 11.11.2012

tinur, this proves the fact that this is more than a gadget: this is a tool!

  (422) posted on 11.11.2012

i love the fact that the G meter remains the same when you straighten the wheel, so you can actually read it!

  (452) posted on 11.11.2012

i love the F1 style lights to signal when to change. you can do drag races with the music to the max and still change perfectly!

  (475) posted on 11.11.2012

useful or not, this is one hell of a gadget! if i’ll ever get a bmw M, i’ll have this in it!

  (542) posted on 11.11.2012

haha, very funny. NOT! i meant the performance steering wheel. obviously!

  (509) posted on 11.11.2012

otto, i find the steering wheel as being one of the most useful components of a car’s interior, along with the brake.

  (542) posted on 11.11.2012

is this really useful? really?

  (516) posted on 11.11.2012

i wonder how much extra is this going to cost?

  (397) posted on 11.11.2012

sonique, it may not be wasted money for them. it will make them happy, and that makes it worth it, from their point of view.

  (341) posted on 11.11.2012

i think this will cost more than it’s worth and that lots of men will buy it, wasting money!

  (346) posted on 11.11.2012

i think this wheel is great for a racing enthusiast. for me, it’s just a gadget.

  (377) posted on 11.11.2012

same thing here karla, same here! but hey, men do have their plus sides, right?

  (349) posted on 11.11.2012

you got that right jenny! so will my boyfriend. but when i tell him to go some place nice, he replies "it’s expensive"! MEN!

  (377) posted on 11.11.2012

what i hate more about it is that my husband will love it and want to have it!

  (397) posted on 11.11.2012

i think this is just a gadget for men. i do not find it interesting.

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