With the 2012 London Olympics a little over three months away, the time has come for the Olympic torch to make its customary long journey on its way to the host site. On its way to London, the torch will pass through a plethora of environmental conditions so to ensure that the flame doesn’t get extinguished, BMW, a main sponsor of the 2012 Olympics, decided to lend its wind tunnel facility to test the toughness of the torch.

The BMW Energy and Environmental Test Center is located in Munich, Germany and is as high-tech a facility as they come. It features three wind tunnels and two climatic test rooms that can simulate temperatures from a freezing -4F all the way up to a scorching 131F. On top of the temperature simulation, the facility can also replicate weather conditions the torch could potentially face in certain locations. Be it wind speeds of up to 174 mph, pouring rain, or snowy conditions, BMW’s Energy and Environmental Test Centre has it covered.

So how did the Olympic torch manage when it was tested in the BMW facility? The UK’s ITV1 dedicated a segment to show the entire testing procedure, which you can watch after the jump.

It’s definitely worth four minutes of your time.

Source: YouTube

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