It’s hard to imagine that it’s been 25 years since the first-ever release of the BMW M5, yet that’s exactly how long it’s been. In celebrating the silver anniversary of BMW Motorsport’s first M5 release, the company took a group of journalists and brought them to the Nurburgrin Nodrschleife for an in-depth look at the long and rich history of the M5, as well as glimpses of what, hopefully, is a sign of things to come.

Among those that BMW featured in their celebration were two fabled M5 cars that came close to being released out on the market, but ended up being shelved for one reason or another: the BMW M5 E34 Cabriolet and the BMW M5 E39 Touring.

In addition to that, the attending journalists were also given a sneak-peek at a one-of-a-kind M5, the E60. As an tweaked up M5, the M5 E60 comes with a boatload of upgrades from its standard-bearer, including a larger engine capacity, as well as a larger horsepower output.

To chronicle the celebration, BMW released a video of the history of the M5, and while the language of the said video leaves a lot to be desired, the footage that you see would be enough for you to understand the illustrious history of the M5.


Source: Bimmer Today

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  (555) posted on 01.5.2010

I know M5 have struggled on the past years and still on their 25 year, it’s still on the go and kickin’ behind. There are many modifications and customization that makes M5 on the fab list especially on some car tuning shops. So you don’t want to left behind and consider an M5 to your garage.

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