Year-end videos are typically pretty boring and they just talk about how many awards a car or company won. Well, BMW being BMW, it had to be a little different. Instead, the Bavarian automaker is reviewing all of its lineup changes for the outgoing year, from production automobiles to motorcycles to concept cars to auto racing.

With all of the changes to Bimmer’s lineup in the past 12 months, this series of videos has a lot of ground to cover. However, with a nearly limitless budget and the wonderful baritone sound of the voice of BMW TV, Daryl Jackson, BMW has all it needs to cover every single changeup for 2012 and keep our interest the whole way.

Some of our favorites from 2012 include the new M6 lineup, which features the M6 Coupè – yes, it’s pronounced coup-ay, not coupe – the M6 GranCoupè and the M6 Convertible. We also absolutely fell in love with the M135i, but we never got our hands on it on this side of the pond. Hopefully that will change in the coming years.

Instead of continuing to bore you to death by continuing to list out the hundreds of changes that Bimmer made this past year, just have a look at the videos – one above and two after the jump – and see for yourself.

What a wonderful 2012 indeed for BMW…

Part 2:

Part 3:

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