German automaker BMW has come up with a cute way to share their holiday spirit with all of their fans. All they did was bring a 2012 BMW M5 to the L’Anneau du Rhin Circuit and have their own driver, Urs Inauen, take illustrator Gavin Patterson out for a ride on-board the new M5 around the track.

The catch? Patterson had to draw a "cliché Christmas motif" while riding shotgun with Inauen as the latter raced the M5 around the circuit.

That’s when the hilarity ensued.

For all of his talents as an illustrator, it was clear that Patterson wasn’t in his best ’creative element’ to come up with a Christmas card for all of us BMW fans. But given the resources and the circumstances behind his predicament, Patterson was able to make the most out of his work, cleverly piecing together an illustration of Santa Claus lugging around some presents for all the well-behaved kids of the world.

In the end, Patterson’s illustration clearly demonstrated what can happen when you try to make a holiday card sitting on the passenger seat of a car that’s going bonkers on a race track.

Guess that’s what BMW meant when they said that this is the "fastest Christmas card in the world."


Source: Fastest Christmas Card

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