• Video: BMW X2 M35i Caught Testing at The Nurburgring

It looks primed and ready to hit the streets of the world

A number of BMW X2 M35i models were recently spotted at the Nurburgring doing some test runs. The most eye-catching of these X2 models was dressed up in a gold paint finish with very little camouflage hiding its panels. Two other models could be seen with it, but with the crossovers moving, it’s not hard to see what the new model is going to look like when it finally arrives.

The dynamic coupe-like styling of the X2 M35i is inescapable. Even from afar, you can see its resemblance to the new X2, though it’s unlikely that both models will look exactly the same. That’s what those camo wraps are for, after all. It is interesting that BMW left those in place because it’s probably a sign that there’s going to be some light reworking on those sections to accommodate the performance-enhanced identity of the X2 M35i.

A few of the new elements we observed from this video include the wheels. They look to be the same type of wheels from the ones we saw on an earlier prototype from the beginning of the year.

The interior is likely going to get its own splash of features, though the configuration will also remain largely the same. The big difference with regards to the X2 M35i is its power. Since it’s technically not the M2, don’t expect it to be a performance fiend. Still, it’s good for at least 300 horsepower, all thanks to an upgraded version of Bimmer’s 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, codenamed B48A20T1, that’s sitting pretty under that hood. It’s paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission, which will be responsible for sending all that power to all four wheels.

While it does appear that the X3 M35i is struggling on some of the corners at the Nurburgring, I’m not worried about what it’s capable of. For all we know, the unidentified test driver could be doing it intentionally to test the crossover’s brakes. What we do know is that the X2 M35i is going to have its fair share of fans once it becomes available later this year or in early 2019.

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