Video: BMW X5 goes over two cars while trying to park and leaves before getting caught

This is a video is a reminder that despite your cars being parked in an orderly manner at a parking lot, it’s still not safe from reckless drivers who have momentary lapses in judgment.

The incident happened in a parking lot outside an Extreme Fitness gym on Thornhill, Ontario. The surveillance video begins without incident – a group of cars parked quietly in the lot. Then, a BMW X5 shows up and is about to quietly park in one of the empty slots when the driver somehow accelerates the X5, going over the hoods of two hapless vehicles in the process.

With nobody in sight to see his boo-boo – or so he thought – the driver of the X5 quickly reverses his SUV out of the parking lot and goes about his merry way as if nothing happened. Unfortunately, the surveillance team captured every second of his buccaneering ways and once he’s identified, he’s going to have to pay a steep price for his over-eagerness to park.


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  (939) posted on 02.10.2010

Faggot... I really want to cut that mans Balls and make him pay twice on what he did.

  (518) posted on 02.3.2010

lol. Are you guys sure that the driver didn’t do it on purpose? I mean maybe he knows the owner of the car that he crashed into. He must have stepped on the gas pedal instead of the break.

  (428) posted on 01.31.2010

I wonder why the driver tried to escape. I mean there are no alibis for it. Maybe it wasn’t his car or something that because of it, he thought he might get away with it. Any additional information about it though?

  (344) posted on 01.7.2010

I don’t know if it’s a good idea to revive P1 coz’ it’s not possible for them to reach the quota for gaining members on that club. I’m really so negative on this one coz’ what’s the sense of this club, to show off your damn crazy supercars.

  (808) posted on 12.18.2009

dang X5 Driver you should be ashamed of your self.

  (50) posted on 10.29.2009

wtf!?! now that person should go to jail for LIFE!!

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