Video: BMW - The story of joy

The German automaker, BMW released a new video explaining the story behind a company’s success.

Video translation into the King’s English:

We are a car company. But we don`t just make cars. We make time machines, Build Snowplows, And create works of art. We inspire fans, And fan clubs. We are efficient and dynamic. We even shape the future. We realized a long time ago that what you make people feel is just as important ... as what you make. And at BMW we make Joy.


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  (116) posted on 06.22.2009

The English version is probably due out soon. I find it so cool to see how they use clips from bimmerfest 09 !!! I do remember that girl waving that flag at the entrance to the polo golf grounds, it was truly memorable time. I love it , but the real driving pleasure comes with the incomparable joy one experience with people. Everyone knows it and it has a serious tone to it, that everyone accepts because it’s true

  (177) posted on 06.22.2009

I guess, BMW has been trying to get away from "The Ultimate Driving Machine" slogan for years and it looks like they are now going to use "Joy of Driving" as a world wide slogan. BMW has been using the Joy of driving in Europe, and maybe soon a translation will be available on the ads

  (137) posted on 06.21.2009

BMW suggests a cornucopia of joy, it shows the source of endless happiness and joy is experienced when to get into that sheer bundle of pure pleasure. That is the image that BMW wants to instill to its buyers.

  (231) posted on 06.21.2009

Actually, the first “Joy” themed campaign was the 1er Hatch campaign: “Principle of Joy”. But this is all I have to say I love how much the new z4 look like the shape of the 507. every time a sketch a profile view of a car it ends up having those long swoopy roadster lines. Fabulous!

  (318) posted on 06.21.2009

I guess, if there is a word other than love that marketing can exploit for the purpose of targeting an image of lifestyle—is the word JOY, joy connects to the word hapinnes which according to Aristotle is man’s highest good. So if your brand talks about joy, it talks about what everyone wants—a reflection of sheer blissful life.

  (289) posted on 06.21.2009

What is exciting with this campaign is BMW launched a new microsite where a series of viral “Joy” videos can be seen. It does not end there as you can create your own interpretation of joy. That’s pure bliss must I say.

  (314) posted on 06.21.2009

Take this BMW campaign. When the new BMW Z4 was launched, a new BMW marketing campaign was born as well. This advertising platform revolves around the “Joy” word. The new Z4 was all about an “Expression of Joy”, the rebirth of one of the most popular BMW roadsters. Shortly after, the Expression of Joy application made its way into the iPhone’s App Store, a indication that BMW is committed to spread the joy. Makes sense doesn’t it?

  (421) posted on 06.21.2009

BMW released “The Story Of Joy, as their latest advertising campaign. As outlined by BMW, the new brand communication focuses on the theme of joy with two priorities: the efficient dynamics and the aesthetic design of BMW vehicles. Sounds reliable and entertaining.

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