Things to know before you exceed the limits of adhesion

As we’ve seen a few times this week, performance driving is fraught with danger. Exploring the ragged edge in your car can be fun, but before you go out there to burn some rubber, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. One of the most important things to equip yourself with is an understanding of what happens when you lose grip, be it an understeer situation, or an oversteer situation. This video from our friends at Car Throttle covers both, and in rather entertaining fashion as well.

At six minutes, 47 seconds in length, the vid is informative, but relatively brief, kicking off with a description of both understeer and oversteer. Afterward, the vid discusses driving techniques designed to combat the loss of traction, as well as mechanical upgrades you can do to your car to make it handle the way you want.

It’s all done with a pithy, lighthearted tone, and works great for both driving newbies, and as a refresher for more seasoned drivers. One last thing - if you decide to explore understeer and oversteer for yourself, make sure it’s in a safe environment!

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