In the middle of all the marketing and promotion surrounding Cars 2, the second installment of the Cars franchise by Disney and Pixar, we sometimes need to step back a little and try to filter out all the information we’ve been getting.

The movie isn’t scheduled to hit theaters for another month - it opens June 24 - but it feels like we’ve been seeing promos, trailers, and what not for what feels like six months now. But if you’re one of those people that can’t get enough of all of it, we have a nice treat for you: the trailer of Cars 2 presented in LEGO.

Yep, you read that exactly. LEGO. The work was done by a group of people that apparently knew how to work those LEGO blocks to recreate the trailer of Cars 2 in all its entirety using only these blocks to build everything. It’s about as cool as any ’recreated’ trailer we’ve seen in a long time and actually makes us look forward to the movie even more, despite all the buzz we’ve seen and heard about it.


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  (474) posted on 07.29.2011

Same here. I wonder on how many pieces of lego were used here and how many people assemble them all? For a 1 minute and 27 seconds it seems many.

  (428) posted on 07.29.2011

This trailer needs a twice effort in order to finish. Compare to a regular 3D animation. The video is fun and playful. The classy LEGO look so cute here!

  (579) posted on 07.11.2011

I’m thinking if Lego would also release its own version of movie toy series? I hope its possible, because they’ve already did a collaboration with the trailer.

  (570) posted on 06.8.2011

Yes, Same here. I was captivated with the artistry of the maker of this trailer! Making a short film for the trailer somewhat impressive!

  (555) posted on 06.8.2011

@Audilicious, I wonder if its true or just a animated series. I don’t want to think that it was really built intently or manually. If so, then I’m impressed with this game.

  (530) posted on 06.3.2011

Actually, if you are already an experienced Lego builder, making the cars is really a cinch. However, the harder part would be shooting the video since you will be spending a lot of hours on that.

  (683) posted on 06.1.2011

Its good to see that the makers of this video still don’t forget the best game for the children ever. It’s a nice work for cars that made of lego for it makes me resemble the good old days.

  (427) posted on 05.31.2011

I wonder who is behind this awesome production? I bet this is not animated or something. I think the LEGO used in here was real. I can’t wait to watch this movie!

  (377) posted on 05.31.2011

It totally left a smile on my face! I can’t imagine on how they build all of this
What a creative mind! Well, for me comparing to the original trailer this one seems very catchy!

  (676) posted on 05.30.2011

Lols! Was really laughing hard when I saw this trailer. But I was actually quite amazed by the fact that they were able to pull this one off just by using Lego pieces.

  (302) posted on 05.30.2011

I am really quite amazed at how they manag3 to make these video clips just by using Lego bricks. Imagine that, the time it takes to build just the cars is rather long already.

  (762) posted on 05.30.2011

IMO, I will choose the original trailer over this one. Though I find the LEGO
treatment quite artistic, I have to say that I can’t feel the excitement in here, the cars looks
so edgy and lame.

  (599) posted on 05.30.2011

This trailer is interesting though the LEGO treatment makes all the cars quite edgy. However, I can see a the creativity behind this video but too bad its not good as the 3D version.

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