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There’s something special about a tuned Honda going flat out on a race course. The sound of the four-cylinder’s soaring rpm’s is enough to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, and when properly sorted, the speed these machines can achieve is undeniable. Such is the case with the lightened ‘Teggy Type R featured in this 3-minute, 15-second video from Hillclimb Monsters.

Power To Weight For The Win

We’ve seen several impressive videos from Hillclimb Monsters in the past, but this latest post is sure to strike a chord with all those Honda fans out there.

The car in question is an Integra Type R DC2, which first hit the Japanese domestic market in 1995 with a number of performance-leaning upgrades, including a revised body, transmission, suspension, brakes, and engine.

This particular example is driven by Gilbert Meier in the InterSwiss Hillclimb Series and comes with its own aero setup and a wider body as well.

It definitely looks the part of a high-strung racer, but the real treat can be found mounted in the nose.

Video: Check Out This Honda Integra DC2 Type R Screaming Up a Hillclimb
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Lift the new carbon hood, and you’ll find a naturally aspirated B18 four-cylinder engine, which now produces as much as 220 horsepower.

And while that might not sound like a whole lot in the age of four-figure supercars, this particular Integra puts it to good use thanks to a very feathery curb weight. All told, this Honda now tips the scales at a scant 890 kg (1,962 pounds) thanks to an extreme diet program.

Listening to this thing rip up the hill climb, there’s no doubt that V-Tec definitely kicked in, yo.

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