Danish programmer David Heinemeir Hanson is a person you may not have heard of, but I guarantee he has impacted your life. This gentleman created a web application framework called Ruby on Rails. It powers some of the largest sites in the world like Hulu, Funny or Die, and the even the earlier versions of Twitter where RoR creations. Thanks to this, David has quite a stockpile of cash, and he uses that money to indulge in his lust for petrol. David likes to contact some of his favorite automakers to request custom one-off “HH” models of cars for his collection. His latest delivery is a custom Koenigsegg Agera HH, and it looks stunning it is metallic blue paint.

While his cars are incredible things to look at, being exclusive one-only models, you are very unlikely to ever see one, which makes videos like this one all the more incredible. It appears that David and his new Agera were wandering around Malibu, California. Thankfully some fellow enthusiasts with a video camera were around, and we have footage (and glorious audio) of this unique hypercar running around on public roads.

You know how this works. Turn up that volume, press play, and then enjoy a few minutes of supercar bliss.


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