Just because we think that it would be cool to be part of a professional racing team, it doesn’t mean that we’re all cut out for the job. Lost in the attention of the glory given to the professional drivers of the Corvette racing team, a group of dedicated and tireless people work behind-the-scenes to make everything possible.

In the latest episode of Corvette Racing’s "Track to Street" series, they talk about the importance of having these guys on board and doing their jobs to the fullest of their capabilities. Leading up to a race, the crew has a lot to worry about, including the car’s engine, tires, wheels, and even strategies being employed during the race. It’s a lot of work that needs plenty of attention and these guys have proven over the years that they’re up to task.

And when the race finishes and everybody else heads out for some nice rest and recreation, the crew sticks around to get everything back in order. From packing their gear to running some diagnostic tests on the car, everything is done meticulously to ensure that everything is accounted for.

If there’s anything that defines ’team effort,’ the pit crew of Corvette Racing fits that mold to a tee.


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  (647) posted on 07.25.2011

This is what you call a team work. This episode shows that they are a big part of a race, that without them, the car will be nothing, I salute those technical teams on making such wonderful cars.

  (504) posted on 07.20.2011

Well, getting the cars perfect to its driver is indeed a hard word but these team really
make it through the race. We can’t see a good race if wasn’t for those technical team.

  (600) posted on 07.19.2011

Agreed. What I really loved on this show was it doesn’t only focused on the car and the driver but as well as the team behind each race. Well, the win of the driver is really an team effort. I can really sense their passion on what they do.

  (257) posted on 07.19.2011

Even from the start of the show I was impressed with the dedication of the team behind the Chevrolet Racing. I can see their team effort and dedication on what they do. I hope to see more for inspiring and exciting show from them.

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