Video: Chevrolet releases two new "Red X Engineers" commercial

We don’t know how different these guys are from Department 180, but as far as Chevrolet is concerned, they pretty much have the same job description as the brand’s ’Red X’ engineers.

As the focal point of two new Chevy commercials, the ’Red X’ engineers have one objective in mind: to test the hell out of Chevy vehicles, subjecting them to a myriad of torture tests to ensure that its customers are given a car that deserves to be called ’excellent’.

Check out this two new ads - one is a 30-second spot and the other a 60-second version - and if we do say so ourselves, they strike a chord. More than any other commercial they have come out with in recent memory.

60-second spot after the jump

Source: Chevrolet

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  (599) posted on 07.19.2011

With the impressive performance of the car I bet the team creative behind its production really gives not just effort but dedication on what they do! And I bet Chevrolet believes that perfection is not enough they need to work even harder.

  (257) posted on 07.19.2011

hmm. I wonder why they were called Red X’ ? I really love watching on how cars were built. I hope this was a complete series of the first step up to the last just like the Bentley released few months back.

  (762) posted on 07.8.2011

OK, the video is private so I can’t watch their commercial. But I’ve seen commercials done by Chevrolet and they bring an unexpected result. Everytime.

  (448) posted on 07.1.2011

Hey! Where is the video?hmm. I think its a privilege to see on how the ever famous Chevy has been built! However, with the high speed performance of this car no wonder its quite popular.

  (384) posted on 07.1.2011

I really love watching on how things are built. Admittedly, I was impressed about the passion of the creative team behind in each production. BTW, I have seen the same thing with the Bentley and they have showed the complete details on each part of the car.

  (238) posted on 05.24.2011

Well, for me I just love watching them building this car and that’s all! I really have a positive thought in Chevy car, it has an amazing speed and an awesome performance.

  (401) posted on 05.24.2011

What the sense of putting a video when its expired already? Well, looking at the previous work of Department 180 I would say that they have the ability to turn this car into an amazing high speed performing car.

  (377) posted on 09.22.2010

He hasn’t really "fixed" anything yet. All that has happened at this point is a series of ads, whether good or bad, have been discontinued.

  (939) posted on 08.12.2010

Chevrolet releases two new "Red X Engineers" commercial
COMMENT: red X engineers really put some test on the chevy cars...

  (555) posted on 07.29.2010

Yes, I agree. You really have to put the car at it’s maximum speed to test its reliability. Nice ad!

  (1332) posted on 05.31.2010

This experiment shows the weak point and strong point of the Chevy cars.

  (798) posted on 05.30.2010

Red X engineers really put some test on the chevy cars.

  (808) posted on 05.27.2010

this just only show how tough a chevy car really is.

  (815) posted on 05.27.2010

Impressive torture test by Red X. This will probably ensure more on the safety of the Chevy cars.

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