With all the Christmas videos going around these days, Chevrolet decided to take a different approach, opting to let its unheralded heroes do the Company’s holiday greetings. Say what you want about the therapy of wrapping gifts, but there’s something pretty cool about seeing actual robots do the wrapping for you.

For the holiday season, Chevrolet’s plant in Fort Wayne, Indiana has effectively become a Christmas factory for the US automaker. It probably wouldn’t last until past the season, but for a brief time, the mechanical robots that normally play big roles in producing cars have decided to wear a new hat and wrap Christmas presents in quite possibly the most efficient way possible.

Maybe Santa Claus can get some pointers on how to make more efficient use of his time. We love elves and all that, but watching these robots do the gift wrapping shows just how much more time will be saved when you have mechanical arms doing the job for you.

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