Video: Chevrolet shows the electric range the Volt is capable of


After months of seemingly endless videos of the Chevrolet Volt undergoing one test after another, Chevy finally - and mercifully - decided to bring it out of the production line and into the streets, although the Bowtie still couldn’t resist throwing a number of plugs for their electric car along the way.

In any case, with electric cars slowly infiltrating the market, Chevrolet wants to make the public aware that their electric car can just as easily walk the walk as it could talk the talk. Highlighting the Volt’s real-world electronic range, the video shows how far you can go on your Volt on a single fully-charged battery, without even using a drop of fuel in the process. It also talks about scenarios when the Volt’s battery runs out and the car’s range-extending gas generator kicks in, giving the Volt the extra mileage covered other EV cars can’t boast of.

While it’s good to know all these things, we’re taking Chevrolet’s proclamations with a grain of salt. For now, at least; until we see the real deal in action, we’ll be holding off on making rash judgments.


Source: Chevrolet

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