Video: Chevrolet Volt travels cross-country in "Freedom Drive"

Chevrolet knows that the Chevrolet Volt will be subjected to a number of questions as soon as it is released, not the least of which will include how the electric car will fare on long-distance, cross-country trips.

So before the question is even asked, Chevrolet has already decided to answer it. Earlier this month, during the fourth of July weekend, Chevrolet took the Volt on a cross-country road trip where it traveled from Austin, Texas all the way through a number of states before arriving at its eventual destination in New York City, completing a distance of over 1,776 miles in the process.

Okay, so the entire ‘Freedom Drive’ wasn’t as electrifying a trip as George Washington crossing the Potomac River as Chevrolet seems to exaggeratedly suggest, but we’ll give them points for embarking on the adventure in the first place.

According to GM CEO and President Ed Whitacre, the whole purpose of the ‘Freedom Drive’ was to illustrate and prove that the Chevy Volt is built for just about any driving situation. From urban city driving to cross country road trips, the Volt is built not just for the short fix, but for the long haul as well.


Source: Chevrolet

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  (939) posted on 07.23.2010

That’s good, I think Volt is really built to be used on Urban driving only.

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