Let’s just say that you’re in need of someone that can literally create something out of nothing. You’re not going to find anybody better than this genius Chinese dude named An Jiaxuan.

You know how the term ‘inventor’ has been thrown around these days like it doesn’t mean something? Well, thank goodness for this man. An Jiaxuan does justice to that title because he’s a pretty darn good one.

Together with his buddy, An Jiaxuan can create just about anything with his hands, including a software that allows him to electronically control a BMW 1-Series from his Nokia C7 smartphone. We’re not talking about those little R/C cars you buy at Toys ‘R Us. We’re actually talking about a real, life-sized 1-Series.

This video is a definite must-watch, one that leads you to think how a dude like An Jiaxuan isn’t employed by an automaker that can definitely use his technological wizardry.

We’ll be honest; a side of us wants to be apprehensive about this whole deal because it’s just too good to be true. But if this is indeed legit, which we sincerely hope it is, then this is about the coolest thing we’ve ever seen.


Source: You Tube

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  (1022) posted on 04.13.2011

@mazeking, you’re absolutely right. I was impressed when i saw the video, this guy are really intelligent and talented just like their ancestor.

  (780) posted on 04.13.2011

hmm. If they’re really talented and skillful, then why does there’s a connotation when we say "Chinese product"?

  (25) posted on 04.7.2011

Chinese are too intelligent to do anything. Their knowledge and skills dates back to thousands of years, even when the rest of the world still learning to make a living. This guy seems to play with BMW just like any other toy car.

  (25) posted on 04.7.2011

A real tuning from an indigenous genius. It is funny when the traffic inspector check in the car for parking fee. This Chinese guy has done a heck of job.

  (25) posted on 04.7.2011

These guys are pure geniuses. Creativity and persistence are required to do something different. We can see the future of automobile in his hands.

  (402) posted on 04.7.2011

Yeah, I agree with you guys. I was fascinated on what they do to the BMW 1-Series using the phone. I think BMW have found a future assets for their company.

  (714) posted on 04.7.2011

You got to believe it because its actually possible! I don’t have any knowledge on how the system really works but this guys are really geniuses!

  (274) posted on 03.15.2011

they are friends and they have been partner since high school, helping each other in every invention..then why does the credits only goes to An Jiaxuan? There project is perfectly awesome. I don’t know how they come up with that invention. And i didn’t know that its possible to control "EVERYTHING" using a phone!

  (386) posted on 03.10.2011

The idea behind the video is actually not that impossible. However, you need to be somewhat a techie or a genius to pull of the intricate mechanical details on this one.

  (727) posted on 02.1.2011

I am exciting to see the new BMW 1 series M Hatchback and not the couple in 2013 model. The 6c inline turbo can deliver a lot of pure driving experience with a little fine tune you can reach easy more them 400 hp at compact hatchback.

  (727) posted on 02.1.2011

The BMW 1 Series M Couple is a clear message that BMW M Power wants to get young people to refresh the brand. People that want a M sport car before 40 age and not at 60 years old.

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