The Ferrari LaFerrari may have one of the top-10 worst names in the history of supercars, but its awesomeness is not damaged by its silly name. It is so awesome that fans are willing to pay £1,000 ($1,702 as of 6/23/2014) to simply ride in one. And this is exactly what five fans did, as Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans gave five fans a ride in his LaFerrari as he piloted it around the TopGear test track. The £5,000 ($8,510) that Evans raised went straight to charity, but the name of the charity was not given.

What’s more, this was not your typical LaFerrari — as if there is a "typical" one — as Evans’ model so happens to be the first-ever, customer-owned LaFerrari on the road. The Breakfast Show host didn’t just lap the track either; he gave these donors their money’s worth, as he pushed his new prancing horse relatively hard around the track.

Fortunately for us, there was no annoying music and talking over the video. All you can hear is the noise from the crowd and the bad-ass scream from the LaFerrari’s wild exhaust.

Good for Evans for letting his prized possession be the vehicle to raise a few thousand bucks for charity.

How much would you pay to ride in this 963-horsepower monster that sprints to 60 mph in under three seconds and tops out at 217 mph?


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