We’ve all had one of those mornings. you wake up, stumble out of bed and realize you need bread, milk, or something of the sort. At that point, we just hop into the old grocery getter and hightail it to the local market to get what we need. According to this video, Chris Harris isn’t immune to this issue, but his grocery getter is a little unorthodox... to say the least.

Yeah, he heads into town — driving on one of the most awesome roads on the planet — in a 1992 Ferrari 512 TR, with the "TR" standing for Testarossa, of course.

It’s not too often that Harris limits himself to just four words in one of his videos, but that’s exactly how many words he speaks through the five-plus-minute-long video. He does however, have a quick wardrobe change on the side of the road, putting him in more "appropriate" attire for the "Red Head" Ferrari...

This lack of speech doesn’t mean that the video is less fun to watch. The sound of the 12-cylinder pumping away is all the sound we really need. Enjoy...


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