Video: Chris Harris drives the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

If you had ten million dollars to your name, nobody’s going to blame you if you spend one-fifth of that fortune on a car, provided it’s a 2011 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. As the last and most powerful Veyron to ever come out of Bugatti’s production block, the Super Sport is without question, at the peak of the Veyron hierarchy.

EVO’s Chris Harris was afforded the opportunity to take the 1,200 horsepower beast out for a test drive. Harris has already been behind the wheel of some of the world’s fastest machines, but the Super Sport, as he will attest, is on a totally different level.

It’s so fast and addicting that Harris occasionally reminded himself to step off the gas as soon as stepping on it out of fear of breaking any laws. According to Harris, two seconds on the gas will send you to jail – if a cop sees you, that is. Five seconds on the pedal and you’ll be on-board one of the fastest machines on the planet.

That’s how ridiculously fast it is. If you’ve ever seen a multi-million dollar car that’s worth every buck and penny of its asking price, it’s the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. Hands down.


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  (453) posted on 01.30.2011

Insanely fast but I would never buy one even if I had that kind of money. There are so many more cars I’d rather have instead of this.

  (498) posted on 01.30.2011

these guys are tremendous dweebs! I am sorry but not a respectable review..

  (1333) posted on 12.7.2010

There was a Veyron and the 57C Atlantic this past Art Center Car Classic, sitting next to each other. I also tailed a blue and white Veyron for about 3 miles in San Diego on the 5 North a year ago.

  (380) posted on 12.2.2010

I maybe one of the few who says this but, it’s hard to get excited about cars you will never see, drive or even step foot inside.

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