Every day, we are growing less and less fond of Chris Harris. No, he hasn’t started spouting off with half-thought reviews that are based more on payola rather than actual facts. Rather, we are simply jealous because he always gets his hands on the latest and greatest that the automotive industry has to offer. Then again, if an automaker wants to really prove its mettle as a performance car manufacturer, Harris is really the go-to guy.

This time around, Chris Harris got some track time with the new Alfa Romeo 4C.

As usual, Chris managed to dig up a few things that he didn’t like about the 4C, namely the bulky and over-padded steering wheel, and the uncomfortable seating, but in general he seemed thrilled by the new Alfa.

He definitely gave the 4C the thrashing that Alfa designed it to receive, taking is sideways every chance he got. He noted that it is agile and accurate, but not so accurate that it feels fake, like so many computer-controlled sports cars in today’s world. He also noted that on key point it that "it’s not a Porsche Cayman, and that’s just what the market needs."

Have a look at the above video to see Harris push the 4C to its limits. It’s definitely worth the 8 minutes.


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