Chris Harris was at this year’s Goodwood Revival RAC TT 2013 where he seemed to have lots of fun. Harris and teammate, Anthony Reid, came to within a few laps of winning the Goodwood Revival, while driving the one-off Lister-Jaguar Coupe, but a rain-slicked track and a minor hiccup in the last few laps cost the race for the Jag.

Even though his team did not bring home first place, Harris described the experience as the best one ever. Check out the video to see why he found the RAC TT, the Lister-Jaguar and all of the other racecars so cool.

The Lister-Jaguar Coupe is powered by a Jaguar D-type in-line-six engine combined with an aerodynamic aluminum body that ensured the best driving dynamics. For a car launched in the 1950s, the Lister Jaguar Coupe delivered incredible performance figures for its era, including a 0-to-60 mph time of 11.2 seconds.


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