Few men get to have as much fun as Chris Harris does, as he is constantly beating the hell out of cars and getting paid to do so. So for the most part, we all live vicariously through his videos. In his latest installment, he takes on a car that we haven’t seen too much of here in the states, but is vastly popular, per Harris’ video, in the European market.

This elusive slab of carbon fiber and tubular steel is the BAC Mono. In the terms of a race car, its 280-horsepower 2.3-liter Duratec Ford engine with Cosworth-built pistons and forged rods is paltry. However, when you mate that up to a flat-shifting, paddle-shift, 6-speed trans, and a 540 kg (1,190-pound) chassis and body, you have one mean machine.

This British rocket hits a top speed of 170 mph and sprints to 60 in just 2.8 seconds – not too shabby for a glorified Focus engine, huh? Add in a rain-soaked track with plenty of twists and turns with Chris Harris behind the wheel, and you have a whole lot of BAC Mono tail wagging. Despite all of the oversteer, Harris repeatedly boasts how easy the Mono is to control. This becomes obvious when he doesn’t spin it out even once, despite swinging that tail end out pretty wide at times.

Check out the above video to see for yourself. If you’re able to, crank up the volume too, so you can get a good listen to that high-revving Ford power plant.


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  (507) posted on 08.13.2012

He is undoubted on how he drives any kind of vehicle that really impressed us.

  (596) posted on 08.13.2012

I wonder how Chris Harris swags that vehicle on the track. Moreover, given the details that the track is wet.

  (159) posted on 08.9.2012

I think I like how Chris moves the BAC on the wet track. It’s simply amazing.

  (765) posted on 08.6.2012

Actually, I see no point in driving this vehicle belonging to entirely on a drag racing category, as done by Chris Harris in this video. No doubt, the BAC is an exceptional vehicle. I’m sure this video will get a lot of hits in the YouTube.

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