Aparently when the French automaker brought their DS Inside Concept to the Geneva Motor Show, they conveniently parked it out of the way in an area that would give photographers looking to get a decent shot of the automobile’s interior a hard time. The concept is a preview of the upcoming Citroen DS3, a vehicle that will make its way into dealerships as early as next year.

The French car manufacturer has recently released a number of images and a video showing off the concepts piano black interior trim, ivory leather covered seatbacks and quilted material on the dash. But it is the modern DS emblem in the headrest that really caught our attention. Watch the video to see for yourself.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

Video: Citroen DS Inside interior revealed
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Citroën is presenting a new interpretation of the DS INSIDE concept car that gives a glimpse of the first model launch in the DS line. The new version unveils the interior of the car and confirms its powers of attraction. The haute-couture cabin has a singular and sensual ambience. This interior sparkle makes a jewel setting out of the exterior, topped with a premium leather roof bearing the DS line badge. As with previous versions, this new grey-tinted take on the DS INSIDE features the meticulous care that will go into all the models in this distinctive line.

Interior suffused with elegance and creativity

Video: Citroen DS Inside interior revealed
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Citroën has taken the wraps off the DS INSIDE interior, transforming the concept car from object of desire to a real object of pleasure. The specially designed seats were crafted with the prowess of an upholsterer. Their finish, evocative of a luxury watch bracelet, is enhanced by the gradation of the leather on the seat backs, running from deepest black to pearlescent ivory.

Video: Citroen DS Inside interior revealed
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The dashboard is flowing and airy, whilst the instrument cluster, steering wheel and low, body-hugging seats extend the feeling of dynamism. Black chrome touches around the cabin and a thick lounge style carpet, leave the DS Inside exuding class, style and distinction. The concept is strikingly finished with a premium leather roof in pearlescent ivory with a powder-like finish that bears the DS insignia.

Video: Citroen DS Inside interior revealed
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The styling project for the DS line has been led by British designer, Mark Lloyd. Beginning with the DS3, the new DS line will deliver a powerful identity to the Citroën family. Representing "Different Spirit", it will present an identity strong on modernity and distinction, drawing its DNA clearly from Citroën’s history of innovation and unforgettable design.

Video: Citroen DS Inside interior revealed
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