Citroen’s limited run DS3 Racing, an offspring of Citroen’s racing Division that’s in charge of producing the brand’s WRC rally cars, will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in a week’s time but Citroen has decided to try to create more buzz for the car by releasing a video clip of the car.

Looking a lot like one of those Hot Wheels toy cars, the DS3 is about as limited as limited can get with only 1,000 units being produced by Citroen. The car comes with a modified version of the 1.6-liter turbocharged engine that produces an output of around 200 hp. Incidentally, the engine is co-developed by BMW-PSA Citroen Puegeot where it is also found under the hood of the MINI Cooper JCW.

Check out the video to see Citroen Racing’s new pride and joy before it breaks cover in Geneva next week.


Source: Citroen

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  (534) posted on 11.15.2010

No doubt about that Citroen is awesome from its interior to exterior..!

  (571) posted on 11.8.2010

I wouldn’t exactly call the Veyron a French make, most of it’s important parts are made in Germany as well as the original development was led by VW.

  (858) posted on 11.5.2010

There are different article that I have read about the Citroen and it’s a good thing to know all about this..smiley

  (216) posted on 10.11.2010

How simple and gorgeous... Great details in the design, too, while keeping the overall lines fluid and simple... Citroen is on a roll ! Now, to make them put all these beauties into production

  (512) posted on 03.2.2010

Sweet video. It shows stable car in high speed. I do hope that I can see it with other cars of other makes in a circuit or a drag lap though. It will definitely be something to look forward to specially in the world of rally racing.

  (1023) posted on 02.25.2010

a very teasing movie from citroen, well I’m impressed with it’s performance and handling, very responsive and handles well.

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