Admittedly, we were floored when Citroen revealed their all-electric sports car concept, the Survolt, at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year. Turns out, this little piece of electric wonder is more than just a concept car.

Citroen has announced that the Survolt will indeed make an appearance that’s not in an auto expo showroom, but rather at the Le Mans Classic on July 10. You read that right; the Survolt is getting prepped for its racing debut. Vanina Ickx, daughter of former racing ace Jacky Ickx, will drive the electric vehicle.

Citroen has also finally given us the inner workings of the Survolt, including the concept’s technical specs. The car measures at 3.85m long, 1.87.m wide, and 1.2m high and weighs in at just 1,150 kg. It comes with a tubular chassis, a flat underside with an extractor, and full carbon bodywork.
As for capabilities, the Survolt can produce a 0-60 mph time of just a shade under five seconds with a top speed of 162 mph.


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  (466) posted on 05.19.2011

I just remember the Nissan Leaf that was woe by the Top Gear recently. Sorry guys but electric cars are unreliable. And maybe we have seen on how it blast in the race track but we never see it loses it powersmiley

  (447) posted on 05.6.2011

I’m actually being amazed on its speed. It did well but it lacks something that I cannot determine. Could you help me identify some of its problems so that I can able to comment more.

  (506) posted on 04.1.2011

Not interested! Sorry, but I really don’t believe in the concept of the electric hybrid cars. For sure the diesel engine of the car is activated to support the car in case that t it loses it power. 

  (228) posted on 03.16.2011

i agree with you Ping_Guererro,it would be so exciting to see this car on the track! i want to read more details about this car!

  (379) posted on 09.26.2010

Wow that’s a great news..smiley

  (1332) posted on 08.5.2010

All I can say is.....Very nice.

  (939) posted on 07.12.2010

I wanna see the GT by Citroen on the track. The one that was designed for Gran Turismo 5 but it came into reality.

  (806) posted on 07.11.2010

i say it’s fast, but not that fast enough.

  (858) posted on 07.8.2010

Can’t wait till an all out electric sport cars shootout. Tesla vs Mercedes-Benz-SLS E-cell vs Porsche-918-Spyder vs Citroën Survolt.

  (518) posted on 07.8.2010

yeah sure that thing is fast but not that fast as it looks like.

  (1022) posted on 07.7.2010

I doubt that dude, the survolt is specially made to compete and not to collect.

  (612) posted on 07.7.2010

impressive performance.. for sure many will like this baby to add to their collection.

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