Video: Corvette C.6 R race cars figure into pit lane crash at 2010 Sebring

So much for all that hype, huh?

Before the 12 Hours of Sebring got underway last weekend, so much talk was placed on the two Corvette C.6 R race cars that have been dominating the American Le Mans Series for as long as we can remember.

Well, the 2010 12 Hours of Sebring has come to pass and the only thing we’ll remember about the Corvette Racing Team during the race didn’t even come on a positive note but a rather embarrassing one. Instead of putting forth a performance that we’ve come to expect from them, the Corvette Racing Team was involved in a pretty humiliating collision involving both their cars. While two cars from the same team figuring into an accident happens from time to time, we can’t recall the last time where two teammates crashed into each other, which, unbelievably happened to this guys in a pretty disastrous pit lane crash.

We expected a lot of things from this team heading into the first race of the ALMS season, but never in our wildest imagination did we think that they’d get off to such a disastrous start.

Check out the video and see for yourself.


Source: YouTube

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  (364) posted on 03.25.2010

That was a dissaster to the team corvette. Well good thing that the pitman’s didn’t hit by the other car.

  (708) posted on 03.25.2010

Lol. What is up with that crash? The video didn’t caught them on how they exactly got that crash but it did show that they did crash. I wonder on whose to blame for it.

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