Video: Crash & Burn teaser will drop you from your chairs

Stunt men and stunt women, or as they’d like to refer to themselves, stunt actors, play unforgiving roles in movies. While the lead actors get all the smiles, headlines, and photo ops, these stunt actors are the ones that are subject to danger. Lance Krall and Tony Hawk are about to change that with a new show called Crash & Burn. With the concept centered on the lives of these stunt actors, we finally get to see what its like to be one of these people.

The dangers involved are all real, but we now get to understand exactly why these people are all so interesting. The teaser video of the show will illustrate just how interesting - and crazy - these folks are.

It’s a little under two minutes long and there’s some NSFW language here and there, but with all the punishments these stunt actors take, you can’t blame them if they let out the occasional curse or two. Chances are, you’ll be doing the same when you start watching the show.


Source: You Tube

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