Video: Crazy Finns Crashing

The Finns may not be the most amiable people in the world, but few nationalities can come close to the level of success Finns have had in motorsports.

From Formula One champions to highly-successful youth karting and motorcycle programs, Finland has produced arguably the most talented and successful crop of racers over the years. One sport that has seen a lot of immensely talented and successful Finns is rally racing, with notable former champions like Tommi Makinen and Juha Jankkunen only two of the many Finnish rally car drivers that have made an impact on the sport.

It’s safe to say that it takes a certain level of guts and dedication to become a successful rally car driver and the Finns, for the most part, have both these qualities in abundance. Check out this video compilation of some of the most insane rally crashes that have happened in Finland alone. Don’t be surprised by the things you see in the video because for those crazy Finns, rally crashes are as much a part of their culture as high-tech mobile phones.


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  (798) posted on 02.3.2010

I think that all rally car drivers experienced a crash or two before and while they are professional racers. It’s not really that easy to avoid it specially if you are into rally racing as the driver doesn’t really know the road.

  (1333) posted on 12.20.2009

Accidents do happen, no matter how good and responsible driver we are.

  (1023) posted on 12.17.2009

cool collection of rally crashes. that’s why rallying is considered one of the most dangerous race.

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