Back in July, DDR Motosport revealed the Miami GT Grand Prix Edition, a special-edition version of its standard Miami GT model. It might seem a bit of a surprise to see a niche manufacturer build a special-edition model of an already-limited model in its own right, but hey, DDR saw things it probably wanted to improve on and it set about doing it.

Thus, the creation of the Miami GT Grand Prix Edition. Apparently, DDR Motorsport loved the car so much that it created a promotional video of the sports car, highlighting all the goodies that were added in turning the sports car into an emerald-looking gem of a ride.

DDR Motorsport accomplished the build of the vehicle, thanks to countless hours of laborious work in its shops, while also getting the assistance and cooperation from a number of companies in the aftermarket business. Whether it was Concavo Wheels, K-Sport, Stuttgart Auto Collision, Bill Ussery Collision Center, and a whole list of other suppliers, all played a part in giving the Miami GT Grand Prix Edition that added aesthetic shine and more importantly, the improved levels of performance that assisted in raising its performance capabilities on the track.

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2014 DDR Motorsport Miami GT Grand Prix Edition

2014 DDR Motorsport Miami GT Grand Prix Edition Exterior
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In a nutshell, the Miami GT Grand Prix Edition is basically a modified version of the company’s GT4 and GT8 kits. But there is more to the special edition sports car than meets the eye, and all the performance upgrades it received has turned this bad-boy into an incredibly quick and stable sports car, especially on the track.

DDR Motorsport built this model using its own chassis and frame, combined with parts from other makers. There are two GT models: a GT4 model that uses an Acura RSX, a Toyota MR2 engine, and an LS1 Corvette engine.

Performance numbers vary, depending on the kind of engine put into the box, but one thing we do know, as shown in the video above, is that the Miami GT Grand Prix Edition looks and performs the part of a unique sports car..


Source: YouTube - DDR Motorsport

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