I have had the pleasure of driving along the side of an 18-wheeler on the interstate when it collided with a deer. While there was no damage to my “precious” Hyundai Accent, I was scrubbing atomized deer meat from my car that night. So if that’s what happens at circa 50 mph, what would happen at triple-digit speeds?

Well, I guess I can scratch that question off of my list, as we get a good look at it in the above video. At HyperFest in good ‘ol West Virginia, James Greenwood was cruising around the Summit Point track enjoying the friendly race. It was so friendly that as he passed a slower Mustang, he gave the driver a quick wave.

Just after that wave comes a deer bolting from the left of Greenwood’s Z06 `Vette and *wham* no more deer. With the sloped front end of the `Vette, the deer obviously didn’t disintegrate like one does when it meets a speeding semi, but we bet that deer sure did fly rather high in the air.

You can see that Greenwood learned a valuable lesson, always have your visor pulled down when racing, as he almost catches some glass and various deer components in the face. Fortunately his reaction time is quick enough and he got his arm up in time to block his face.

Greenwood was just fine, of course, but the deer and the Z06 were likely both put out of commission. The Z06, will likely spend the next few weeks in a body shop. The deer, well, who knows what West Virginians do with roadkill deer meat


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