And just for good measure, they fab up a new rear hatch as well!

If you’re the kind of person that likes to build it, not buy it, then you’ll love Design Cut Build. Recently hitting YouTube with a fresh new season and a new host, the show chronicles the fabrication adventures of Aaron Hagar and Iggy Cendejas as they weld their way to a number of impressive metal creations. The latest is a new kayak rack for an overlander truck, which sounds simple enough, but as anyone tackling a custom project should know, what’s easy on paper isn’t always easy in practice.

But figuring it out and making it work - that’s half the fun, right? Well, the Aaron and Iggy think so, and in fact, they like the project so much, they decided to go a step further and create a new hatch for the overlander as well.

All told, the end result is quite slick, and the truck owner is delighted by the added functionality - not to mention the new rear hatch!

Hit play to see how it all came together.

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