If we only had the design skills of these people, then we’d probably feel a whole lot better about ourselves. Kidding aside, you have to give props to auto designers that have the skill and creativity to put their thoughts on paper to create the cars that we all have come to enjoy.

AMG, Mercedes’ high performance division, has released a fascinating video of how an artist creates a design sketch of a Mercedes CLS 63 AMG on paper and transfers it into a digital rendering, all in the space of two-and-a-half minutes.

Obviously, the whole process takes way more than just two-and-something minutes but with time-lapse technology, we get the whole process quickly to see exactly how it unfolds.

It’s an awesome watch and something that all aspiring auto designers should pay careful attention to. Not everybody has the talent for this kind of work and for those that do have it, it’s something that you should look at as motivation to get into the industry.


Source: Mercedes USA

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