7:14. That’s the current record time held by the Lexus LF-A around the Nurburgring. Pretty impressive, right?

Well, it looks like Lexus thinks it can do better and last week, the Japanese automaker took to the Nurburgring to attempt a single lap with their latest one-off LF-A model, the AD-X.

The video shows us glimpses of the LF-A AD-X’s hot lap around the Nurburgring. It doesn’t say whether the ADX was able to break its namesake’s record, but with all the modifications fitted into this one-off race car - the enormous rear wing, the small winglets, and the carbon fiber diffuser are only a few of the modifications done to this mighty racer - we’d be disappointed if the AD-X wasn’t able to shed off a few seconds off of the LF-A’s Nurbugring lap record.

The video comes courtesy of BridgestoGantry.com and even they don’t know if the LF-A AD-X managed to break the record, but like they said, if the one-off race car was able to do it, you can be sure that Lexus will tell the whole world about it sooner than later.


Source: YouTube - Bridges to Gantry

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