Video: Drew Barrymore in Jay Leno’s ’Green Car Challenge’

We all know that Jay Leno’s new segment – ‘The Green Car Challenge’ – on his new show is nothing more than a fringe version of what Top Gear does with their ‘Reasonably-Priced Car Challenge’. And while we can’t fault Jay for putting his own spin on the highly-popular Top Gear segment, we probably should be upfront and say that the debut of his car segment didn’t exactly illicit as much excitement as we previously anticipated.

This, of course, is no slight at Drew Barrymore, who, as a matter of fact, is one of the most drop-dead gorgeous celebrities in the world today. But it sure doesn’t bode well for her – or for viewers of Jay’s show – to admit that she doesn’t even have a license, yet she’s more than willing to get behind the wheel of the ridiculous eyesore of a car that Leno is using for this segment.

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We’ll digress for a bit to address that: Lord knows why Jay Leno would use an orange car for this particular segment when its title had the word
‘Green’ splattered all over it.

But unfortunately, none of us have any pull within NBC so there’s really nothing we can do about the car’s color or the segment itself.

In any case, here’s the video of Drew Barrymore taking in a few laps in the Ford Focus to set the first-ever lap time of Jay Leno’s ‘Green Car Challenge’. The video covers a number of segments and if you’re just watching to catch Barrymore’s lap times, we suggest you jump all the way to the 26-minute mark.

Source: Jalopnik

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