Video: Drifting a Parking Garage, Tokyo Drift Style

For anyone that was suckered into watching The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, first I am sorry for the 104 minutes of your life you’ll never get back. However, if you made it through the entire movie without going catatonic, you likely remember the scene where Sean races D.K. through the parking garage and D.K. pulls off this sweet drift up the entire parking garage ramp – you know, that constant loop that goes from floor to floor.

Being that’s the only part of the movie that’s really cool, I remember that scene well and I have never assumed it was possible in real life. I certainly guessed wrong on that one, as this video shows a guy drifting up the entire round-a-round until he reaches the top, with a chaser car following him.

It’s hard to see exactly what car he’s running, due to the body kit and graininess of the video. From what I can tell from the headlights, taillights and the sound of the exhaust, I think it is an early-1990s Nissan 300Z, a very heavily modified one at that.

Just for safety’s sake, you can tell that this is a professional setup with the entire parking garage vacated. Please don’t go running to the nearest parking garage and start drifting your car up the ramps.


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  (677) posted on 05.24.2012

Seeing this on the actual event will be more nerve-cracking. Experiencing it on wheels will be more thrilling. 

  (619) posted on 04.19.2012

Watching this was quite nerve-wracking! It’s amazing how good his handling and drifting skills are.

  (399) posted on 03.27.2012

I was cringing the entire time I was watching this. That was an astounding, albeit a dangerous performance!

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