Everyone knows that the new Mercedes CLA has had great success since its release, and as a result, Mercedes is having difficulties fulfilling orders for its newest four-door coupe. We know that is looks good and has a great starting price for a Benz, but what else makes this car so special?

In the latest episode of Drive, Matt Farah tries to answer to this question. Of course, he does find out that the CLA suffers from the usual problems of a small car, including limited rear headroom, limited rear legroom and not the most spirited performance from its 208-horsepower four-pot, but the general impression is very good.

The new CLA250 is definitely the cheapest Mercedes you will find on the market, but notches a few other benefits, including being the most aerodynamic mass-production vehicle in the world, coming with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and featuring a highly equipped and quiet cabin.

Check out the above video to see what else Matt thinks of the CLA250.


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