Video: Driver somersaults his car to get a parking spot

Over the years, we have seen plenty of episodes of parking ’fail’, but we dare any of you to find something as ridiculous as this.

Featuring a high speed, tons of air, and a gymnastics flip that would make Olympians proud, the driver of this Porsche 911 has found a new and inventive, albeit extremely dangerous way to park his car.

We’re not going to follow his lead and try a barrel-roll-parking maneuver anytime soon, but we still have to give some much-needed props to this dude for his daredevil stunt gone wrong.

We’ll also give him even more credit for actually getting out of the car and walking around it to inspect the amount of damage that resulted from his somersault flip.

Good to know that he’s alright given the circumstances, but his car looks a little worse for wear than he initially would have hoped. The air was great and the landing was phenomenal, but we hate to see the amount of money it’s going to take to get his car fixed up.


Source: YouTube

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  (592) posted on 07.25.2011

AHAHAH! That was so cool, I like the way he parked his car. That was very impressive! Kidding aside, much better if he will buy a new one than repairing his car because as you can see, the car is a total mess now. I thought it will burn up.

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