Four rotors for the record book win

This year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed plays host to loads of impressive machinery, from the McLaren P1 by Lanzante, to the ItalDesign GT-R50, to an array of Singer Porsche 911’s. But there was something else in attendance for 2018 that may have flown under your radar, namely the record-breaking Wingcopter XBR, a drone that just set a new Guinness World Record for drone top speed.

Flat out, the quad copter managed an impressive 240.06 km/h, or just under 150 mph. The official record is for remote-controlled tilt-rotor aircraft, and the pilot responsible for taking the Wingcopter into the record books was champion drone racer Luke Bannister.

The video is just 1 minute, 20 seconds in length, and shows some high-speed footage taken from the drone, as well as commentary from the record-breaking team. All in all, we’re excited to see just how far racers are willing to push drone technology in the name of speed.

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