Last time we checked, the Fiat 500 didn’t come with Dodge decals all over it and certainly didn’t suddenly change their brand logo into a question mark. So, what is with this absurdity?

Don’t blame us; we’re as confused and dumb-founded as the rest of you, especially with this Dodge dealership in the Netherlands who were so convinced that their Fiat 500 would trigger more loans if it had the Dodge logo plastered all over it. As far as we know, there haven’t been any deals made by Fiat and Dodge to rebadge the former’s 500 hatchback into a Dodge car when it hits the US, so we’re putting this down to a case of marketing misdirection. If they can’t convince them to loan a Fiat 500, maybe they’ll have better luck if they offer up a Dodge 500. Totally weird, but out-of-the-box nonetheless.


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  (858) posted on 10.22.2010

what is reputation of the Netherlands when it comes to auto making.

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