Mercedes revealed it’s first commercial for the newly launched E-Class coupe. These was a time when a high-brow company like Mercedes didn’t have to use implied sex to sell its cars. But hey, in this economy anything goes, and we’re not complaining.


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  (402) posted on 07.15.2011

What a waste of time. I thought it was a good ad but it doesn’t make a sense at all. I think they’re just waiting for the comment of that old man. But what about those ladies in a horse? Are those runaway brides???

  (231) posted on 04.21.2009

The video does it all for a comment. The idea is what brilliant to say ’I love car commercials’..but that is because of those ladies on horses...I could even repeat the commercial from there and not to look at the next screen when the car goes out. Sounds cheesy but the commercial is only good until the car goes out. It’s almost forgettable.

AK47  (1024) posted on 04.20.2009

Probably never......

AK47  (182) posted on 04.20.2009

I was just wonder when they’ll stop using the sexist approach in marketing cars.

AK47  (177) posted on 04.20.2009

Aside from the fact that it remains to be fuel-efficient, I read from somewhere that it only emits about 138 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer. I believe that this is a milestone for the car industry to become a greener industry.

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