• Video: Evil snowmen are no match for the Suzuki Kizashi

In an attempt to convince you that snowmen are not entirely what you thought they’d be, Suzuki is pitting them against their new Kizashi sedan in a not-so friendly machine versus nature tussle.

The car advertisement, which is actually a follow-up of a prior billboard campaign, features the Kizashi sedan driving along a snowy road when it gets unceremoniously attacked by carrot-nosed, hat-wearing, evil snow men.

In an attempt to rid himself of these snowball-throwing misfits, the driver does his best James Bond impersonation by swerving the car and making the two armies of snowmen collide into each other.

Of course, Suzuki isn’t exactly showing-off the driver’s deft driving skills, but rather the Kizashi’s “best in class standard horsepower” and its” all-wheel drive traction”, which when you put together results in a highly-regarded premium class sedan that can give even the wickedest of weathers a run for their money.


Source: Suzuki

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  (399) posted on 07.14.2011

OK, the video is again, NOT WORKING. Why did some video commercials they put are not working? I doubt users on this type of problem.

  (341) posted on 10.4.2010

Thanks for explaining the two AWD systems, I’ve always wondered the difference between the two.

  (780) posted on 03.17.2010

Very entertaining commercial from suzuki.

  (324) posted on 03.11.2010

lol. What a way to advertise a car eh. Anyhow, what does the commercial really say as its message? That the car is no good for snow conditions?

  (1332) posted on 03.7.2010

LMAO funny snowmen, they don’t know how to break. well this movie just show how much agile the kisashi is.

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