Video: EVO clock 0-100mph time of 7.9 seconds with Coke in hand

EVO’s Chris Harris takes us for a speed test on board the new Porsche 997 Turbo and he’s doing so with a bottle of Coke in hand. Despite momma always telling us not to spill our drinks in our car, Harris decided to give it a go while trying to see if he could reach speeds of 100mph in less than eight seconds on board the 997 Turbo.

We cringe at the thought of him spilling his soda into that fine upholstery but thankfully – and mercifully – he doesn’t. To top it all off, he accomplished his goal, albeit barely, after posting a time of 7.9 seconds.

We would be thoroughly impressed If only he hadn’t burped so hard after his swig.

Excuse us, Mr. Harris.


Source: Evo UK

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  (428) posted on 01.10.2010

I don’t know if he vomited after that video on a sprint time of 7.9 seconds on 100 MPH, really put the effort on creating a machine like that as a new offer for a Porsche 997 Turbo. Next time, try the 0-200 MPH while drinking coke, definitely I will expect a burst of vomit and that will be hilarious.

  (808) posted on 12.18.2009

Needed that one to push up the sales, try harder Porsche. Anyways that video seems to disappoint me a lot, he looks dumb driving while drinking coke. Sorry for the fans of Harris and Evo lovers, I’m just stating my opinion regarding on this video.

  (1023) posted on 12.17.2009

IMO I would be more impressed if he’s holding an Aluminum can Version of Coke.

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