In an attempt at a bit of viral video marketing, Ford showed this video to a group of journalists at the recent launch of the 2010 Ford Taurus SHO. The drag pits Ford’s factory tuned flagship model against an upscale Audi A6 with Quattro all wheel drive and a Hemi powered Chrysler 300. Which do you think won?

What’s interesting is that Ford is playing up the four wheel drive and V8-like capabilities of the new for 2010 SHO, but what would have happened if Ford put their best four door sedan up against an Audi S6 or an SRT-8. Either way, the blue oval group proved that a boosted V6 can outrun a V8, and use less gas while doing it.


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  (570) posted on 02.3.2010

The cars are not equally as powerful as each other and the drivers may have set the win up as well. Its not that difficult thing to do anyways.

  (1) posted on 12.20.2009

Well for one thats not an SRT... its either the v6 or the 5.7 hemi. So thats not the top of line 300c. Ford is blowiing smoke up your rear.

  (808) posted on 12.16.2009

race is not fair, it’s a short sprint only, we all know that ford is lighter and it can accelerate faster than the 2 other cars. 300c can outrun ford in a long sprint. well winning is winning....

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