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    Ferrari 333 SP - EPIC TRACK ACTION !!

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    The Ferrari 333SP is one of my favorite Ferrari machines. This jewel is a racecar built in 1994 to race the IMSA championship in the USA during the mid-90s. It’s also this car that served as a basis to create the F50 supercar (they have the same chassis). The Ferrari 333SP has a V12 engine delivering 650 hp at 11000rpm. It only weights 862kg, making it a beast on the track, where it owns pretty much everything in its path. It only does the 0 to 100km/h in 3,3s, which is inferior to some of the street legal cars nowadays. But still, it would definitely beat them still on the track.

    My favorite thing about the Ferrari 333SP has got to be the SOUND it makes. It’s absolutely GORGEOUS. Everytime you hear the engine you feel like you’re going to lose your hearing. It’s one of the only cars for which I highly reccomend wearing earplugs (with the F1s). It’s just THAT loud. Gotta love when the mechanics warm up the engine for the beast to race afterwards. What a monster.

    In this video you will see different angles and points of view of this magnificent Ferrari at the Vigeant Val de Vienne track, during the 2012 Sport & Collection (a charity event against cancer). Simply marvellous.

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    Filmed with a Sony HDR CX700

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