The Italian super car manufacturer Ferrari has just released this latest video that features the Italian automaker’s Senior Vice President of Commercial and Brand affairs, Dany Bahar along with Technical Director
Roberto Fedeli opening up about from the clean brake from traditional Ferrari fashion, the F-430 replacing 458 Italia is a true 21st century sports car.

If you can speak any of the romance languages you should be able to tell that Fedeli is going into a little bit more detail about the new mid engine Ferrari’s redesigned chassis for increased torsional rigidity, the all new unequal length double wishbone suspension up front and the all new 570 HP V8 designed with efficiency as their main goal. Like the Enzo, the 458 will create an immense amount of downforce without the aid of any protruding wings, creating as much as 805 pounds at just a tick under the Italia’s 202 MPH top speed. This is mostly due to the wedge shaped body that was penned by Pininfarina making the 458 Italia the perfect application for the occasional track day outing.

Bahar reassures us that the upcoming Ferrari 458 Italia has been made with all of the same attributes that have made these Italian stallions the iconic sports cars that they are today with such characteristics as: innovation, technology, exclusivity, quality, performance, design, style and passion. We can’t wait to see for ourselves.


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  (2) posted on 08.20.2009

Guys WHY do you keep ripping off posts from High Gear Media sites? This is almost word for word from my post on Motor Authority.

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