We have quite a few questions about the upcoming Ferrari 458 Italia, well the Maranello based sports car based builder is opening up its doors to answer a few questions from the 458 Italia forum. Although the Ferrari designers aren’t spilling all the beans, they do offer up a few interesting tidbits; like why it is sometimes referred to as the F142, just how much the go juice the 570 HP 4.5 Liter V8 engine will consume and how the entire vehicle has been refined in order to create the most efficient package possible. Most importantly we finally find out what that third tail pipe is all about.

Overall we learn that the Ferrari 458 is an all new vehicle as opposed to an evolution of the 360 Modena and F-430 mid engine sports cars. The 21st century super car will get about 18 MPG, there will be no Formula One inspired KERS system, nor a clutch pedal and if the regulations permitted; the 458 Italia would have been a much lighter vehicle and that apart from the standard offering, the 458 will be available in any color that you can bring to the Ferrari factory.



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