Video: Ferrari 599 GTO explained in detail

Have you ever been a little curious as to how technology works in some of our favorites cars? Well, here’s a new video explaining the technology behind the new Ferrari 599 GTO. We are sure this is one of Ferrari’s marketing attempts to give the viewer an inside look at what makes a Ferrari tick only to encourage the potential buyer to run out and purchase one. As if people need any more push to buy the Ferrari 599 GTO. Hello? Do you not remember the most recent newspiece on this vehicle? Let us remind you: 1 minute and 24 seconds on the Fiorano track. We hate to beat a dead horse, but come on, grab a bat and join us!

The Ferrari 599 GTO is powered by a V12 engine delivering a total of 670 HP at 8250 rpm with a maximum torque of 620 Nm at 6500 rpm. It rockets the car from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.35 seconds, while top speed goes up to 208 mph.

Note to TopSpeed fans: We feel strongly about beating up on any animal, dead or alive, so please do not take us seriously when we mention beating up the dead horse. Be smarter than that and just check out the video instead.


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  (417) posted on 04.19.2010

Well that split running your telling has given the 599 GTO the aggressiveness and sportiness looking of a supercar.

  (647) posted on 04.18.2010

Not bad, just don’t like the split running up the center of the hood and the black roof, such have been all one color. Love the rear diffuser though. But having said that I prefer the 599FXX.

  (939) posted on 04.15.2010

Judging by the number of blogs about the GTO you guys are as obsessed with this thing as I am. smiley

  (798) posted on 04.14.2010

I agree that’s why many owners ended up smashing it and crashing it to the wall.

  (708) posted on 04.14.2010

Well that was interesting! I have nothing to say anymore. Ferrari is meant to be driven Fast, maniac and pushed to the very limits.

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