A while ago, Ferrari celebrated reaching the milestone of having 8 million Facebook fans with a very cool video showing the 458 Italia doing burnouts. But now that 2 million more fans have been added to the mix, bringing the total to 10 million fans, Ferrari has prepared something a little bit more special.

This time, Ferrari produced a funny animation video featuring Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo, Formula One drivers Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso, and the automaker’s 10 million “fans.” Well, not exactly, but we do not want to ruin the surprise so we will let you watch the video to see what we are talking about!

Now we are pretty curious to see what Ferrari will prepare when it hits 15 million Facebook fans. Maybe a contest with a sweet prize, like, maybe a 458 Italia or something like that…

We are dreaming we know, but we can hope!


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  (377) posted on 01.3.2013

I like how are caricatured Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso. fuuuunny!!!

  (349) posted on 01.3.2013

nice idea! i like it!!!

  (349) posted on 01.3.2013

nice idea! i like it!!

  (377) posted on 01.3.2013

hilarious! i love the title 10mil fans are not a breeze smiley

  (397) posted on 01.3.2013

hmmm, i was thinking it’s more funny...

  (341) posted on 01.3.2013

is not that interesting as i aspected...smiley

  (346) posted on 01.3.2013

sweet movie! i like it!!!

  (349) posted on 01.3.2013

smiley) yeah, you are definitely dreaming!!!

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